Special Offer Package

In this package put a package with rest all package with coupon code application form and do not put this form on site publicly, only send via sms or email when any one apply with posted banner coupon code or any other special offer person coupon code like model, model provider school, personal person. And for this page package design easily, simply copy all code and paste in this page, in this way all package will come her and then only need to design 1 banner offer wala package

This special offer package can apply coupon code and get by those person whom we provide this like model with model code: MSC7703 (77 is year and 03 is month), school with whom model deal done code: MPS7703, banner special offer who come after seeing banner AD with code: BSC7703, Support Center partner code: PSC7703 or personal person Code: PPS7703 (each month only a special person code can release) and any other coupon code we create for any one. Coupon code will be different so that we can track and know through which medium many people came on our site.

(Put this line in AD Description and mention only few instead of putting long desc like Use Special Offer Code given on this banner to get FREE Special Package on below link. www.magicjamin.com/offer-package   Also put special offer package link in the banner and in promotion banner description all social media and also put link & code in description so that user can easily visit this link. also put a coupon redemption form with instruction below the package so that these people can redeem coupon. In this special offer give 3 listing, 1 features with 2 years validity. user can not use same coupon multiple time to get the offer package however if he/she get another coupon code then you can get it again so to prevent multiple package activation by single person use same coupon code in multiple banner and run with that code long time so that many other buyer will get benefits of this offer and when activating the package at that time verify same user already redeemed this code or not, in this way we have to verify user when claim the offer with 4 way i.e, (1) invoice no of claimed offer (2) Screenshot 3 of social media (3) coupon code (4) user already redeemed same coupon or not if already redeemed then send mail that as per our record you have already redeemed this coupon hence try with another coupon code or buy our another package because same price wala package user multiple activate krba sakta h as per this package software but free wala sirf yek hi bar activate kr sakta h, free wala me next time bolega you already used so buy another package.

FREE Special Offer Package: if you seen this banner and coming on our site then we are giving you a special offer package free with long expiry validity so that you can list your property for sell or rent any time you needed. Use coupon code given on the banner to get this offer by clicking on the below link. (put coupon code on the top of the banner like, Special Offer Coupon Code: BSC7703 and put link and code in the post description)

Coupon Code Use to Claim Offer package in simple 3 steps: (put this below package only)

  1. Click on special offer package “Order Now” & choose wire transfer to submit package buying request. After successfully submitted the package buying request you will get a invoice number that you can see in your profile section under my invoices after login.
  2. Read & complete our Special Offer Reward Policy (Click here to read)
  3. Now, Fill the form given below to claim your offer package with your coupon code. After submission done our team will verify and activate your package withing 24-48 hours.

(Policy made and already puted as per 2 point no give in T & C like dr najeeb like our fb page, share on your fb by tagging minimum 10 friend, subscribe youtube channel and press bell icon then send all these 4 screen shot to claim and activate your free offer package with coupon code. Once we get your all details then our team will verify and activate it withing 24-48 hours or soon. (in this way if a person has 200 friend and share with 10 person its those person has 200 friend then total 200*11=2200 person will see the tagged page.

Coupon Redemption Claim Offer Form: ask details like full name, mobile no, email id, invoice number, Coupon Code, address, Upload (in this user will upload all share wala screenshot as per policy), How you came to know about us? (drop down option are Banner, Friend Circle, Facebook, Youtube, Google, Search Engine, Social Media, Our Representative, Radio, TV, Word of mouth, Other) so that using coupon code can find which coupon rememed and mark as redeemed and using invoice number search the package and activate it so that user can get the package and we will get the data of that user.


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